PO Mismatch Flows

Determine what mismatches are allowable and who needs to sign off on mismatches

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On this page you'll determine how Vic.ai handles mismatches between Purchase Orders (POs) and Invoices. The PO Mismatch Flow and tolerance generator can be utilized by Organization and Company Admins.

This is done in two steps, by:

  1. Creating the PO Mismatch Flow

  2. The required approval step(s) to approve/reject the PO Mismatch

Note: Only the first Mismatch Flow will be used that applies to your PO & Invoice. Put your most important flows up top!

PO Mismatch Flows

First determine how broadly a PO mismatch flow occurs.

Defining how a PO Mismatch flow Triggers

Choose from these two ways to select vendors:

  • Vendor Name(s)

    • Individual companies, like Home Depot or Amazon

  • Vendor Tag(s)

    • For grouping of companies, usually like Utilities, Maintenance, or Office Costs

Note: Vendor Tags are synced from your ERP. If you have any questions, please contact Support!

Defining when a PO Mismatch flow Triggers

Then create the triggers and set acceptable tolerances on:

  • Invoice Quantity

  • Invoice Unit Price

  • Invoice Line Amount

You then choose the allowable match variation, and can separately configure by percentage or number of units:

  • Exact:

    • Any deviation from the PO will trigger this flow.

Greater or Lesser Than & Deviation Units

The flow can be enabled for one or both of the following:

  • Greater Than Or Greater Than or Equal To

  • Less Than Or Lesser Than or Equal To

​Tolerance can be:

  • Off by a percentage of the PO value

    • 5% greater or lesser than

  • Off by a specific number of the PO value

    • Example: Up to 15 units off the desired quantity

​Approval Steps

​Now that you've defined when a PO Mismatch exceeds the tolerance flows, you now will create the approval flow required to sign off.

This can be a multi-step flow, and you'll define the triggers as desired if there are conditions that need to be met before a specific approval step occurs.

The potential approvers can be:

  • Name (PO Approver role)

  • PO Requester (from ERP)

  • Vendor Owner (from ERP)

  • Prior Approver's Manager (from ERP)

    • Not available in the first approval step

Note: PO Requester and Vendor Owner are synced from your ERP. If you have any questions, please contact Support as not all Integrations allow these features!

The same Trigger functionality for Invoice Quantity, Invoice Unit Price, and Invoice Line Amount are available from the PO Mismatch Flows section.

If no triggers are selected, then that approval step will always occur.

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