This section shows for a selected time period the costs per category (such as refuelling or leasing costs) and the total costs.

The percentage next to each category shows how much the costs deviate from the previous comparable period. For example, if you select This month, this month’s costs are compared to last month’s costs. Move your mouse pointer over the percentage to see which periods are being compared.

  • If the costs are lower than the previous period, the percentage appears in green.

  • If the costs are higher, the percentage appears in red.

Click More costs to open the Costs overview.

Number of vehicles

This section shows the number of pool vehicles and the number of company cars in your fleet.

Cost outliers

This section shows the cost outliers of the last 60 days. Cost outliers are cost values that differ from other comparable values in a significant way or that do not correspond to expected values.

Click To outliers overview to view these anomalies in detail.

See Identify unusual costs for more information about cost outliers.


This section shows your open tasks. Overdue tasks are highlighted.

Click Complete to open the task details and complete the task.


This section shows all vehicles for which you must update the odometer value.

It is important to update the odometer at regular intervals.

Vehicles appear here in the following cases.

  • The odometer value has not been updated for more than 30 days

  • It is not possible to forecast the current odometer value because less than two odometer values are available.

If the odometer has not been updated within 60 days, the vehicle is marked as critical.

Click Update now to open the vehicle details and update the odometer.

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