Add the Campaign Snippet

Start by adding the campaign javascript snippet in all the pages where you plan to install the campaign widgets.

Copy the campaign snippet from the Campaign Wizard and paste it near the closing </body> tag in your web page.

Choose how you want to integrate

You have these integration options:

  1. Viral Loops Widgets

  2. Custom forms

Using the Viral Loops Widgets is easier and faster and the best option if you are not very comfortable editing code:

  • The Form Widget will be used from existing Subscribers to join the referral campaign and invite others

  • The Milestone Widget will display to existing Subscribers how many referrals they have and what rewards they can win

  • The Invitee Widget will be used from referred people who want to sign-up to your newsletter. This widget will not display any sharing options after the form is submitted, only a thank-you message.

If you want to use the embeddable widgets, check out the section "Embedding Widgets".

However, if you want more control you can use your own form to replace the Invitee Widget. In that case, check out the article "Connect a custom form with the Newsletter Referral".

Embedding Widgets

Then, add the widget HTML anywhere in the same page where you want to embed the widget.

These are the HTML codes you need:




Form Widget

<div data-vl-widget="embedForm"></div>

Your subscribers use this form to join the referral campaign and invite others.

Milestone Widget

<div data-vl-widget="milestoneWidget"></div>

In the Milestone Widget the subscriber sees the rewards they can win.

Invitee Widget

<div data-vl-widget="inviteeForm"></div>

Invited people use the Invitee Widget to subscribe to your Newsletter. It will not show sharing options after the form is submitted.

If you want to embed the widgets in a WordPress website, check out this article:

How to install Viral Loops on your WordPress website

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