How to prepare for my volunteer abroad stay

Read this article to learn how to prepare yourself for your volunteering abroad trip.

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Congratulations, your application has been a success and you have received a volunteer spot from your favorite volunteer organization!

This means that you will be soon going on an adventure. Read this article to learn how to prepare yourself for this adventure.

Going on a volunteering abroad trip needs to be well-planned, especially the preparation of it. 

In general, you have to think about:

The safety of volunteers is very important to us.

Be aware that there is always a certain level of risk involved in traveling to and within less developed countries. Typically you might encounter tropical illnesses and pickpocketing. You should always make sure to inform yourself about possible risks in the country you are planning to volunteer in and take necessary safety precautions.

We always advise you to ask the local project managers of the program about any uncertainties that might come up. They can usually help you with a lot of your questions

Make sure you ask your social project if you have specific questions or check our volunteer guides section for more details.

Don't worry!

Other volunteers have been in the same situation and all managed to have the time of their life.

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