How to get a travel insurance

Learn more about travel insurance and how to get one. Did you know? You can even buy a travel insurance policy if you're already travelling.

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We strongly advise all volunteers to get a travel insurance before their stay abroad. Generally, having a travel insurance is not mandatory in order to book your volunteer program with Volunteer World. However, it might be demanded by the project coordinator of the volunteer program you will join. 

We have partnered with battleface to offer travel insurance under a master policy which has been issued to Volunteer World. The contract of insurance is underwritten by Eir Försäkring AB.

After you received an offer from your project coordinator, you can simply add a travel insurance to your trip while paying the deposit.

Which address do I need to enter when booking an insurance?

If you are about to book your insurance during the deposit payment, please enter your home address (not the address of the project abroad).

How can I change/extend my dates?

If you took out an insurance package when paying your deposit, we are happy to adjust or extend your dates. Just get in touch with us through our live chat.

Am I insured if I need to cancel my trip before leaving?

Please refer to your insurance documents sent upon payment of the insurance premium to see whether cancellation is covered.

What can I do if I am not applicable for any of the insurances?

Please discuss with your project coordinator what the insurance should include at a minimum. Your local insurance providers are eager to help you out!

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