Sometimes volunteers want to travel in a group. They now have the option to submit group applications via Volunteer World. You can easily review them in your dashboard. 

Volunteers who want to join your project with friends or family, can now apply as a group via Volunteer World. They will submit the number of participants and all personal details in a single application. 

Your application overview will display how many volunteers have applied to your program: 

In the details of the application, you can see personal details of all applicants: 

You can make an offer in this application in the same way as usual. It is possible to send the offer to all volunteers or only select individual volunteers. This is useful if not all of them meet your requirements, e.g. if one volunteer is too young to participate. Simply tick the box in front of the volunteer's name to send them the offer.  

You can also click on the drop down menu for more information about each volunteer who applied. This may help you decide who you want to send the offer to: 

You can also still change the offer manually. If you want to offer a discount to a large group, for example, you can adjust the price. 

If you have any questions about group applications on Volunteer World, feel free to contact us in the live chat or via email

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