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How to find the business page you're looking for.

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There are several reasons why a Business Page may be missing when you are attempting to select which business page you want to run your ad from. Please confirm the following:

Is the Facebook Account you logged into Walled Garden with associated with the Business Page? Your Facebook Account must be associated with the page you are looking for.

Did you accept all permissions when logging in to Walled Garden using Facebook? This is required. To re-accept all permissions, please follow these instructions.

Are you an ADMIN of the Business Page you are attempting to locate? You must be an Admin of the Business Page in order for it to appear in your Business Page list. No other designations have the permissions required to run ads through Walled Garden. For more information about Facebook Business Page role and how to edit roles please click here.

If you still can't located your Business Page after troubleshooting the above possibilities, please reach out and we are happy to help.

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