Follow these easy steps to get started with Walled Garden:

Click on any "Get Started" buttons on

Log in using your Facebook credentials.

  1. You must accept ALL permissions in order to advertise.

  2. Yes, you log in using your personal account. However, during the ad booking process you will be prompted to select your desired business page

Verify your MLS ID by choosing your MLS and entering a valid MLS ID.

  1. Enter your MLS name and select match.

  2. Enter your MLS Listing ID, Agent ID, or Office ID

  3. Select Correct Item

  4. Click "I Agree To Terms Of Use"

  5. Click "Find My Listings" or "Start My Campaign". ("Find My Listings" will appear if you've entered an Agent or Office ID. "Start My Campaign" will appear if you've entered an MLS Listing ID."

No ID Match? Please check this help article: MLS ID Help

Click on Listings tab to view your listings OR click on Find Listings to choose a listing in your market to advertise.

Click on View Facebook Ad to get started creating an ad.

Click on "Choose Your Business Page" to complete account set up.

Choose Business Page

Confirm Contact Information

Configure Lead Routing

Add any email address, cell phone, or CRM lead parsing email address

Edit Your Ad

1) Click on Edit

2) Choose your Headline

3) Edit Your Ad Copy (optional)

4) Choose the BEST Image (exterior performs best)

5) Click SAVE

Confirm settings and complete purchase.

6) Click on Learn More to view your Single Property Website. Check for correctness and update contact information if applicable.

7) Click "I Agree to the Terms of Use"

8) Click on "Purchase This Ad!"

To view your purchased Ad and leads, click on Reports tab of your dashboard.

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