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Why Facebook Ads aren't seen on your Business Page wall.

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"How can I view my ad on Facebook?"

"Why isn't my ad showing on my Facebook Business Page?"

"How can I share my ad to my Personal/Business page?"

These are common questions asked in regards to the ad you just purchased or are considering purchasing. In order to help explain where your ad goes once it is published, we're going to help define Ads and Posts.

Facebook Ad - this is what Walled Garden creates.

Facebook Ads, or Walled Garden Ads, are created on the Walled Garden dashboard. They are hosted by Walled Garden's Business Manager with specific targeting built in. The goal of our Facebook Ads is Lead Generation. Walled Garden ads utilize Facebook Lead Forms to capture contact information of Facebook users, something a Facebook post cannot do. Facebook Ads appear on the News Feed of Facebook users within a 15 mile radius of the property address.

Where it will be seen:

Facebook News Feed of users within a 15 mile radius of the property address.

You will NOT find it:

By searching for it in the Facebook search bar.

On your Facebook Business page.

Where to view your ad and ad results:

Click on the "Ads" tab of your Walled Garden dashboard and select the property address for the ad you wish to view. There you will find an exact preview of what your ad looks like on Facebook, as well as ad results including lead contact information.

What you can do to share your ad:

The ad itself cannot be shared. However, for the duration of your ad the Single Property Website link will be available for you to share as a post. You may copy and paste the link to your Personal/Business page. NOTE: Doing this will NOT generate lead contact information and Walled Garden does not track posting the Single Property Website. Any one who clicks or views the Single Property Website will not be counted on the Ad Results page of your Walled Garden dashboard.

Facebook Posts

Facebook Posts, or "status updates", are what you see when you visit a Personal/Business page and are posted by the page owner. Facebook Posts are a comment, picture or other media that is posted on the user's Facebook page or "wall." Note: Walled Garden Ads are NOT posts and will not be found or seen by going to your Personal/Business pages.

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