Larger radius?

Different city?


Specific Neighborhood?

We have you covered! With Walled Garden you can target buyers in any city, in any state, nation wide.

Here's how to target out-of-market buyers:

Once you've selected the property you wish to run an ad for, click on "More Targeting Options" in your budget settings.

Here, you may increase the radius of your ad, target a different city, or narrow your targeting down to a specific neighborhood!

Can I target specific zip codes?

No, you cannot. In 2018 HUD sued Facebook for discriminatory ad targeting practices. After that law suit, Facebook's response was to only allow Real Estate advertisements to target a minimum radius of 15 miles around the property address or a minimum radius of 15 miles around the center of a city or neighborhood. Our targeting is fully RESPA compliant.

Who sees my ad if I enter a different city or neighborhood?

Our specific targeting is proprietary. However, your ad will be shown to Facebook users who's online behavior has shown an interest in purchasing Real Estate within a minimum of 15 mile radius around the center of that city or neighborhood.

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