You can view your productivity and wellbeing recommendations underneath the graph on the survey dashboard. These are designed to provide actionable tasks managers can use to improve areas of work within their teams.

View your productivity and wellbeing recommendations

To view your actions:

1. Go to the Surveys menu. 

2. Click the Dashboard button (dial icon) against your survey.

3. Scroll down on your dashboard and you will see your productivity and wellbeing recommendations.

Understanding your recommendations

The productivity and wellbeing recommendations show the areas a team/individual has scored lowest in and suggests what can be done to improve the area. 

The productivity recommendations show you the top 3 priorities from the first 3Cs (Cognitive, Capability and Connection). 

The wellbeing recommendations show the top 3 priorities from the blue Confidence area.

When you expand each area, you will find further insights from people who answered the sub-questions for that area. These will help you pinpoint where staff feel improvements could be made.

You will also find a set of recommendations for each piece of insight which has been designed to help you think about what actions you can take to address the challenge. 

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