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The 4C Models & Survey Questions

The psychological models behind the surveys & the core survey questions

WeThrive Documents & Resources

Find communication guides, implementation plans, GDPR info and more

User Types & Employee Data

How to add, edit and remove employees, plus different user types

Employee & Manager Logins

Understanding employee and manager logins

Schedule & Manage Surveys

Follow the instructions to schedule a WeThrive survey or create your own pulse survey

Performance Management

Send performance review questionnaires & set up 1:1 meetings with intelligendas

Team Survey Results

Understanding your survey dashboard from key engagement statistics to coaching and wellbeing actions

Track Scores Over Time & Benchmark Results

Track the trend in scores over time, benchmark teams against the organisation and against industry/size external benchmarks

Peer to Peer Feedback

Give, receive and request feedback from other individuals within your organisation

Goal Setting

Create goals using survey feedback and keep track of the actions you take

Share the Survey Results

How to share the survey results with other users and your managers

HRIS Integrations

Set up an integration between your HRIS and WeThrive to sync employee data

Learning Resources

Access curated content, tips and guidance to help managers and employees improve engagement and wellbeing

Getting Started

Finish your account set up and take a look at our resources for internal communications

Manage Custom Questions

Your custom questions can be included in Engagement surveys AND Pulse surveys


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

WeThrive Product Updates

What's new in WeThrive and what features can you expect to see in the future?