The WeThrive Engagement survey uses the basis of our 4C model to ask each person 16 top level questions on a scale of Strongly disagree - Strongly agree.

The answers to these 16 questions are then presented on your survey dashboard along with your overall engagement score.

Our 16 top level questions

  • Company and customers - I understand how my work ties into the company vision or benefits customers

  • Personal performance - I am completely clear about the performance expected from me at work

  • Team understanding - I feel the team are working towards the same goals

  • Team co-operation - I feel the whole team is co-operating efficiently

  • Knowledge - I have all the necessary information to do my work

  • Skills - I have all the necessary skills to do my work

  • Resources - I have all the necessary support and resources to do my work

  • Competence - I feel a sense of competence and achievement at work

  • Attention - I am able to interact positively with others

  • Common bond - I feel a positive and constructive bond with others in my team

  • Status - I feel that the value of my work is recognised by others

  • Security - I feel secure at work

  • Control - I feel in control at work

  • Headspace - I have the necessary headspace to reflect and think clearly

  • Free from worry - I am able to work free from worry and anxiety

  • Meaning - I feel that my work is meaningful

In the areas that people score lowest, the survey then asks a further set of more specific questions. This means each person gets a unique survey experience, and the resulting analysis is able to identify the highest causes of frustrations and recommend actions to rectify.

Sample second level questions

For example, if someone scores lowest in the Team Understanding area, we'll ask them:

'What would help improve understanding across your team?'

  • It would help if we had more general, informal discussions to share our views and ideas

  • I wish I had clearer instructions

  • I would like everyone to share their vision of success

  • I'd like it if we could regularly check in on progress

In the Attention area we ask them:

'How can we bring more positive interaction with others into your working day?'

  • I need more opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas

  • I feel isolated from the rest of the team

  • I'd like more interaction with my manager

And if people identify they simply don't have enough Headspace in their working day, we'll ask 'What can we do so you can reflect on work and clear your head periodically?'

  • I need somewhere to reflect or get some privacy

  • I don't have time to clear my head, I feel I have to keep going

  • I think the culture expects us to be busy continuously

With all second level questions, a final options provides the opportunity for the person to leave some text feedback. This is valuable if none of the sub-questions are able to get to the root of the issue, and also helps to unpick specific areas that could be improved in their environment.

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