Our learning academy provides line managers with support to improve their teams.

Once you've run your survey, the next step is analysing the results and acting on feedback. Use the learning resources to understand the problem areas in greater detail.

Our learning academy is a library of both hand-picked resources and content written by WeThrive, that has been curated to help build line managers build more productive, motivated teams.

Our learning resources are organised in multiple ways. 

Manager vs Employee Resources

The resources are organised based on the audience they are suitable for. They are categorised by 'Employee resources' and 'Manager resources'. 

Employee resources are ideal for anyone looking for tips and guidance on improving certain aspects of working life. For example mental wellbeing, developing their role and getting along with co-workers.

Manager resources have been curated specifically to help line managers tackle the challenges in their teams and improve their own leadership skills. For example improving recognition, communication and encouraging teamwork. 

WeThrive Survey Resources

The Learning Academy provides learning resources split into different categories:

  • Engagement (the 4Cs)

  • Mental Health

  • Diversity, Equality, Equity & Inclusion (DEEI)

These categories are based on our 3 different survey types and resources will appear under the survey they were curated for.

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