After reading your productivity & wellbeing recommendations, you may want to read around the challenges. Our academy of learning resources provides a range of content directly related to the challenges from your survey. 

For example, one productivity recommendation suggests you need to re-evaluate how team meetings are run to find out where misunderstandings between team members arise. You can directly access learning resources that will explain how to run better meetings and how to avoid misunderstandings.

Follow the steps below to access learning resources from specific challenges:

1. Go to the Surveys menu.

2. Click on the Dashboard (dial icon) next to the survey you want to view.

3. Scroll down to the productivity and wellbeing recommendations. 

4. Expand the area you'd like to view the resources for. 

5. Read the recommendations and underneath some suggested resources will appear.

6. Next to the Suggested resource click the View button. This will take you to the resource in our learning academy.

7. Scroll down to browse a variety of resources that have been curated for that particular 4C area.

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