If you realise someone's details are not correct in an open (or closed) survey, you can change them within the survey using the Re-Sync feature.

For example, you may find someone is not in the right team in your current survey.

You can change this using the Re-sync button.

1. Click on the People tab.

2. Click on the person's details you want to change and adjust accordingly e.g. choose a different team from the drop down menu.

3. Click Save.

4. Go to the Surveys menu.

5. Underneath the Actions heading, click on the info (i) icon next to the survey you need to update.

6. Click the orange Re-Sync button - this will update everyone's details in the survey to match the details in the People table.

7. Click Ok.

8. Refresh the page and the details should be up to date.

Please note, this will update the person's details in the current survey. All historic groupings will be locked in to previous surveys.

For example, if you have changed someone's Team from Sales to Customer Service and used the re-sync button in your most recent survey, their results will appear as part of the Customer Service Team. 

In all previous surveys their results will still be part of the Sales Team (unless you re-sync their data in these surveys too). 

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