Delete someone from a survey

How to delete an individual from a survey

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There may be occasions when someone's results need to be deleted from a survey. 

It may be they have left since the survey opened, or maybe they want to change their response and need to be sent a new survey to complete.

In this case, you can easily delete the individual's response from the survey.
If you need to send someone a new link, you can re-add them to the survey.

Delete a survey response

To delete an individual's survey response, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Surveys menu.

2. Click the orange 'Status' icon (i icon) against your survey.

3. The survey 'Status' tab will be loaded, showing a list of all people within this survey.

4. Find the individual in the list and against their survey, scroll to the right and click the orange bin icon (delete) under the Actions heading.

5. A message will appear asking you to confirm you would like to delete that person from the survey. Click the blue delete button.
Please note: deleting the individual will also delete their results from your survey if they have responded. 

6. Refresh the page and the individual will no longer appear in the 'Status' tab. 

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