We send employees individual survey links via email. To make sure staff receive their link, you will need to whitelist our domain wethrive.net. This ensures the emails don't get lost in employee's junk/spam folders.

Email your IT team

Below is an email you can forward to your IT team who will be able to whitelist our domain. 

Dear XXX

We are working with WeThrive to launch an employee engagement survey in the following months. Ahead of this, please can you whitelist the wethrive.net email domain? This will ensure all staff receive the survey invite rather than it going to junk/spam. 

If you cannot do a blanket domain whitelist then the emails specifically come from surveys@wethrive.net. If you would prefer to whitelist by IP, their IP address is

If you use a cybersecurity provider (e.g. Mimecast) to manage your emails, please ensure this allows emails from wethrive.net through to employees' inboxes.

Many thanks

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