Not all organisations are the same... so WeThrive allows you to change the terminology in your account so it fits perfectly with your organisation. 

Survey terminology

You can change the following survey terminology:

  • Company  = Charity / Hospital / University

  • Team = Group / Ward / Faculty

  • Customer = End user / Patient / Student

  • Manager = Line manager / Sister / Head of department

This is important because when your team are filling in the survey they need to understand clearly what the question is asking them...

How to customise terminology

1. Log in to your WeThrive account.

2. Go to Settings (the cogs icon)  in the right hand corner of the page.

3. Select the Custom terminology tab. 

4. Edit the terminology to suit your organisation.
(You will notice 3 other fields listed here including Location, Department and Unit. These are additional ways to segment your data within the app, but are not terms used in the survey.)

5. Click Update Terminology.

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