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Format your people data and upload it to your account

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Once you have decided how to segment your people data, the next step is to getting it into shape to upload to your WeThrive account. 

(If you are a breathe or PeopleHR customer, you can set up an integration - click here for instructions.)

1. Ensure the employee data is available

First, you will need to audit your HR system to ensure the data you want to use is available and accurate. 

2. Upload your data using our Excel spreadsheet

We have produced a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template called 'User Import Template' to help you format your data correctly and upload to your account.

Watch the help video below for instructions on how to populate your spreadsheet correctly and how to upload it to your WeThrive account.

Please complete each row of the spreadsheet with your staff's details.

In the Role column:

Type Employee for all people you want to send a survey to.

Type Manager Bubble for those you want to give logins to to access their team's results (they will receive an activation email)

Type Employee Bubble to give employees access to their own bubbles where they can view their own individual results.

Please note you may need some additional licenses to set up bubbles.

In the Reports To column:

Leave blank or enter an email address of a Manager to give that manager access to that employee's results for any WeThrive surveys they take part in (will be anonymous if you set up anonymous surveys).

3. Upload your people data to WeThrive

Once you have completed your staff details and saved the spreadsheet, it's time to upload your data to your WeThrive account. 

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the People menu heading.

  2. Click Import.

  3. Click the link to Import via Excel.

  4. Click the Choose File link and search for your Excel spreadsheet.

  5. Once selected, click the Upload button.

  6. Your file will be uploaded for processing and an email notification will be received shortly after to confirm if the upload was successful.

To check your people data has been uploaded correctly, go back to your People table under the People menu heading. 

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