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Introducing the Engagement survey

Downloadable guide & resources e.g. videos & email templates to help position your survey to staff

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Employees need to be comfortable with what WeThrive is and what it will mean to them. This means framing the whole exercise in the right way.

Download one of the PDF communication guides below:

1. If you are giving employees their own logins, download the first guide.

2. If you are not giving employees their own logins, and they will only be receiving the survey to complete, download the second guide.

Both PDFS include the following:

  • Different template types & videos

  • Why the survey is important & the engagement areas we measure

  • The survey questions

  • How to explain anonymity

  • Tips & guidance

Alternatively, view some of the key resources below to help you position WeThrive to your employees:

Introductory Videos

Pre-Survey Text

We are using WeThrive to understand which areas of work you think are working well for you and which areas are causing stress or frustration. WeThrive gets to the root cause of underlying issues by asking about the experiences that make up your day to day working life.

The survey measures 16 key areas that contribute towards a positive experience at work. The survey will ask you 16 questions to cover these areas. For the areas you find the most challenging, the survey will ask you for some more feedback to pinpoint why this area is causing frustration.

This exercise is about more than just listening. It's about acting. We want to understand how you are feeling and use that information to improve your experience of work.

If you give us your honest feedback, we will listen and act to improve the areas of work causing you stress, and will work together to improve everyone's wellbeing.

Warm up email template 1

Hi All,

This email is to let you know about an important new project we are running with WeThrive to help us improve our working culture, environment and practices.

Our goal is to use this feedback to make positive changes to the way we work. We want to reduce frustration and stress, improve communication and how our managers work with you - so you and the rest of the team can feel happier and better connected at work.

So what happens next?

Shortly you will receive another email with a link to the online survey. It should take you 5-10 minutes to complete - please take your time and I encourage you to say exactly what you think.

You can also add anonymous comments – this is a good opportunity to be really open about how you feel about areas of your work (these comments cannot be traced back to you).

This initiative is important to us and all feedback will be considered in a positive light so when the next email arrives please jump right in!

Warm up email template 2

Dear Colleagues,

Your feedback matters. We are preparing to launch a staff survey to help us improve our working culture, environment and practices. Soon you will receive an email from WeThrive asking you to complete a short survey about your current experience at work.

WeThrive is an agile staff engagement survey that generates automated reports and action plans, together with links to online learning resources.

The goal is to use the feedback to make positive changes to the way we work – through improved communication and how managers and their teams can work better together.

So what happens next?

The email you received from WeThrive will contain a link to the online survey, (which will be open for a short period). It should take you 5-10 minutes to complete. Please take your time and you are encouraged to respond to reflect exactly what you think - please be as open and honest as possible.

You can also add anonymous comments which is a good opportunity to be really open about how you feel about areas of your work.

The survey will show what people’s experience at work is like and how people feel it can be improved. We see this exercise as an important step in helping to improve communication, working culture and practices and morale across the company. All feedback will be considered in a positive light so please respond honestly.

It will be great if we can get a 100% response rate so do please take part.

Warm up email template 3


As a business we want to do make sure that our people are as happy, well and engaged as possible through these challenging times.

For this reason we have decided to run a survey with WeThrive who specialise in helping organisations help their people to thrive. You can watch a short video on their approach here;

The survey will be coming out via email - if you don’t see it please check your spam folder as it may be in there. Please take as much time as you need to complete the survey.

We genuinely want to do what we can to help you all through these tough times. We may not be able to resolve every issue or idea that is identified or raised. However where we can do something we will do our very best.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing effort and support. We hope that as a result of this process we can make positive changes to the ways we work.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important initiative.


If you work in an organisation where employees don't always have access to emails, posters are a great way to communicate to your staff that you are launching a survey.

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