Since your previous survey, it is inevitable you will have some leavers who you no longer need to survey, new staff you who have joined and some employees who may have moved teams or managers etc.

Follow these steps to successfully update your people data in the app:

  1. Update email addresses in the app

    1. One thing you cannot do in the spreadsheet but must do in the account is update anyone's email who has changed. The system used the email as the unique ID so changing in the spreadsheet and uploading would create a new person rather than updating their current record.

    2. Update any emails in the People table by editing each individual person.

  2. Remove any manager login access in the app

    1. The other thing you must do in the app, is remove access for any managers who no longer look after that particular person or group.

    2. To review this, hover over People > select Manage Managers. From here, click the View People button next to each manager. Remove anyone that manager should no longer have access to.

  3. Download your current data into a spreadsheet

    1. Go back to People and click Export > Download Export.

    2. This will download your data into a spreadsheet for editing.

Now we'll make the rest of the updates in your spreadsheet and re-upload

  1. Update your active users

    1. Mark anyone who has left but is currently still Active, as Active - 'No'.

    2. When you upload the new sheet, this will deactivate these people. You may already have some inactive people in your spreadsheet from previous updates.

  2. Check the Role column and switch anyone's role that needs it (e.g. make them a 'Manager login' or an 'Employee login' to give them a login to WeThrive).

    1. When you upload this sheet, anyone who has been updated will receive an activation login


  3. Fill in your Reports To column (if applicable) - copy and paste the email address of the Manager(s) you want to be able to access that employees results.

  4. Update any of the 5 Filter columns (Team, Location, Department, Unit, Manager) for existing employees.

  5. Add new starters details to the bottom of your spreadsheet.

  6. Once your updates are made, save the file as a CSV file.

  7. Return to your People table in WeThrive and click Import. Select your file and Begin import.

    1. If there are any problems or errors, the system will tell you and the sheet won't upload.

    2. Check you don't have any Team names that are longer than 30 characters as this can sometimes break the spreadsheet.

    3. Bear in mind that as soon as you upload the spreadsheet, anyone who has been switched from an 'employee' to an 'employee login' (either manager or employee) will receive their activation email.

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