You may want to give managers access to their team's survey results. To do this you can set managers up as Manager logins.

This means they have restricted access to the platform. They cannot access your People data or any survey results unless you give them permission.

Therefore, you can share specific group's survey results with them without giving them access to everything.

To add a manager as as Manager login:

  1. First find them in your People table if already loaded in as an employee (if not you will need to click on the Add User to add their details to the system).

  2. Under Role, select Manager login.

  3. Click Save.

They will be sent an activation email to set a password for their login.

Once you've set up your managers, you'll need to assign employees to that manager so they can access results to any future surveys their team take part in. Watch this video to find out how to assign employees to managers.

If you want to give them access to previous surveys that have already closed, click here for another short video showing you how to do this.

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