View your pulse survey results

What will the pulse survey results look like and how can you download them?

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When you've run your pulse survey you'll be able to export the results into an excel spreadsheet for simple analysis.

Each row in the spreadsheet will represent an employee's set of results.

Each column will show the responses to a particular question.

Download your pulse survey results

To download your pulse survey results follow these steps:

  1. Click Surveys in the main menu.

  2. Under the Actions heading against your survey, click the 'i' icon (Status). Here you can check on the completion status of each individual.

  3. Click the orange Export Responses button.

  4. Your spreadsheet will start downloading. Open the file once it has completed.

Whether you keep the responses anonymous or not, will determine the employee information included in your results. You can choose your anonymity when setting up the survey.

Keep responses anonymous

  • You will receive individual anonymised results.

  • Your people data segments will be included in the spreadsheet. However if a certain group appears less than 4 times, it will show as ANON and the name of the group will not display.

  • For example, if you had 3 people in the Sales Team, 3 in Accounts and 4 in Finance, both Sales and Accounts would appear as ANON. You would be able to see which responses came from Finance.

Make responses non-anonymous

  • You will receive non-anonymous individual results meaning the name of each employee will be listed in the spreadsheet against their set of results.

  • You will also be able to see all of the data segments if you've added these to your account e.g. Team, Location, Department, Unit and Manager.

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