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My Employee Login

What can I do in my Employee account?

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The Employee login is a safe space for you to take WeThrive surveys whenever you'd like and receive recommendations and resources to help improve your work experience/wellbeing.

Watch the short video below for a quick run through or download the PDF above for a simple overview.

What can you do in your account?

Take the surveys as and when you please!

Having a login also means you can take part in any Engagement, Mental Health and DEEI (diversity, equality, equity & diversity) survey that your organisation may invite you to do.

If you've completed any WeThrive surveys previous to having your login set up, you'll be able to view your results to these from the 'Surveys' box on your homepage.

As soon as you complete a survey, you'll receive a set of results including:

  • Your overall score

  • Your highest scoring 4C area within the survey

  • Your 4C scores

  • Your 16 area scores

  • For your lowest scoring areas, you'll receive some recommendations, tips and resources underneath your graph to help make positive changes to your work experience and wellbeing.

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