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My Manager Login

What can you do within your Manager login?

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If you have been set up with a Manager Login in WeThrive, watch the short videos below for a quick run through of how to navigate your account and also how to interpret your team's results. Scroll down for an overview of what you can do as a manager in the form of guides, videos or interactive demos.

View the interactive demo below for a walk through of how to access your results in your account and how to interpret your results, with tips and examples along the way.

Or download the PDF help guide linked below for an overview of your login, the features available, tips for choosing which areas to focus on & creating goals using your team feedback.


Interpreting results

What can you do as a Manager?

  • Have a group of employees assigned to you.

  • View their results and recommendations from any WeThrive surveys that have been sent within your organisation.

  • Send your own WeThrive and Pulse surveys to your group and view the results.

  • Set goals for your team based on their feedback.

  • Access your own personal Employee section.

Managers are employees too!

You are not just a manager, you are also an employee and your experience of the workplace is important too. Within your Manager login you also have a personal Employee section that's just for you as an individual.

Take the survey any time you like and receive some recommendations designed to help improve your own experience of work. You can also create Goals that you can work on as an individual employee.

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