Connect your resources to your survey results so managers and employees can access your support content straight from their WeThrive results dashboard. See below images for examples.

Simply hover over Resources > click Manage Organisation Resources.

Click Add Resource.

Here you can add the below details for each resource including:

  • Name

  • Description

  • [Optional] Image (if needed, otherwise it will use your uploaded company logo)

  • URL link to the resource

  • Whether it's for Managers and/or Employees - this determines whether it appears on dashboards for individual Employees who are viewing their own set of results, AND/OR for Managers who are viewing their team's results.

    • The options available will depend on the survey type

    • Mental Health survey - you can only add to individual Employee dashboards

    • DEEI survey - you can only add to Manager dashboards,

    • Engagement survey - you can add to Employee and/or Manager dashboards.

  • Which low scoring area from our surveys it relates to - this determines which survey and which area the resource appears under when viewing the recommendations on your dashboard.

  • [Optional] Add any contact details for example HR, Managers, EAP contact number, Mental Health First Aider details etc

Once you've added the details for your resource, click Save.

Your new Organisation Resource will now appear in the coaching recommendations section of any dashboard where this area has scored low - either on managers' team dashboards, employee's individual dashboards or both if this resource was for everyone!

Manage Organisation Resources - see examples of employee/manager resources & results below...

How your org resources appear within manager's team results:

How your org resources appear within employee's individual results:

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