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How do the 3 WeThrive surveys work together?
How do the 3 WeThrive surveys work together?

How all 3 surveys are connected - Engagement, Mental Health & DEEI

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Taking a joined up approach to engagement, mental health & wellbeing and DEEI is the only way to truly optimise our employee experience...

At work our personal experience is central to our success. But this doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our mental health & wellbeing and our sense of belonging & inclusion are woven into our wider employee experience. That’s why putting people first and addressing these key areas is critical to improve business performance, encourage personal & professional growth, and retain top talent.

Our unique 4C workplace psychology models underpin everything we do, and all of our surveys. The WeThrive surveys are all about the human experience, human psychology, root causes and long-lasting solutions.

They focus on those essential psychological needs, find out how people are getting them met, and then address any unmet needs that are hindering people’s mental health and happiness, and negatively impact their employee experience and productivity.

They focus on things that really matter to people, and provide practical and pragmatic actions for the employees, managers, and the whole organisation that bring long lasting improvements.

The diagram above shows how our 3 surveys work together in unison.

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