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What are the different types of logins?
What are the different types of logins?

Explanation of employee/manager logins and what can users do within their logins

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In the simplest terms, a login is a safe space for employees and managers to view survey results. Giving a user a login means to give them their own login.

Employee Logins

  • View your own survey results from all historic surveys including engagement, mental health and DEEI (diversity, equality, equity & inclusion) surveys.

  • Complete open surveys you've been invited to.

  • Take the engagement and mental health surveys whenever you please.

  • Create goals and actions for yourself using the action plans and resources in your survey results.

Manager Logins

  • Your own employee logins with everything above included.

  • Administrators can assign your team members to you so you can automatically view their results to any org-wide surveys they take part in.

  • Set goals and actions to take with your team using the manager action plans and resources from your team results.

  • Send engagement and pulse surveys to your team members whenever you'd like.

  • Send Mental Health and DEEI surveys to team members who have employee logins set up (can only send to those with logins).

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