To view your heatmap for a particular survey, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Surveys > Surveys.

  2. Next to the survey you'd like to view, click on the icon under the heading 'Heatmap'.

  3. You'll be taken through to your heatmap for this particular survey.

Within your heatmap you will see the 16 key areas listed down the side and your teams will be listed along the top.

Change the data you're comparing

You can change the data in your heatmap by switching the 'Group data by' drop down to Location, Department, Unit or Manager. Changing this will update your heatmap to compare these key segments instead.

If you have run your survey non-anonymously, you can also switch the 'Group data by' option to 'Individual' - this will show you all individual results on your heatmap.

Save your heatmap

On the right hand side of your heatmap, there are three small lines. Click on these and you will get the option to save your heatmap as a PNG file.

You can also export your heatmap into a spreadsheet if you'd like the data in this format.

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