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Access a survey by logging into WeThrive
Access a survey by logging into WeThrive

How to access your surveys when logged into the platform.

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How to access/complete surveys when logged into WeThrive

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Surveys can be completed without logging into the WeThrive platform as survey links are sent to each employee's inbox. However, when you complete a survey whilst logged into WeThrive, you can view your results straight away.

Where to access surveys

Every user has a Me homepage (access this by clicking here).

Here you will find a box with the heading Surveys as shown below. This displays any recent survey results, plus open surveys you have been invited to take part in.

Surveys that you have not completed yet will have a pink 'Complete now' link next to them.

Take an engagement or mental health survey at any time

Even if your organisation has not invited you to take part in an engagement or mental health survey, you can complete one at any time to receive a confidential set of results including action plans for your lowest scoring areas and resources to support you.

  1. Click Surveys in the main menu navigation.

  2. Under the My Surveys tab, click the orange buttons to Take the engagement survey / Take the mental health survey.

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