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How to improve the Wi-Fi health of the added hotspots?
How to improve the Wi-Fi health of the added hotspots?
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When you add a new Wi-Fi hotspot make sure:

  1. To map this Wi-Fi to the correct place. For example if you add McDonalds_Guest_WiFi, this Wi-Fi should be mapped with "McDonalds" place.

  2. Run a speed test.

That's the reason why sometimes the added Wi-Fi has a low Wi-Fi health, because the contributor was lazy to map to the correct Wi-Fi place and run a speed test 🥺

But it's not too late to add more precise information! 😉

Common mistakes of wrong mapping:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot has been mapped to the wrong public place.
    E.g. McDonalds_Guest_WiFi has been mapped to "Pizza Hut".

  • A public Wi-Fi hotspot has been added as "Home Wi-Fi".
    E.g. McDonalds_Guest_WiFi has been added as "Home Wi-Fi".

🙏 Please provide the most precise Wi-Fi info at the stage of adding a new hotspot. This will dramatically increase the Wi-Fi health score and life of this Wi-Fi on the map.

How to improve the Wi-Fi Health of existed Wi-Fi:

  1. Open the desired Wi-Fi hotspot you want to edit.

  2. Tap the Suggest an EditEdit place or location.

  3. Select the correct place from the list of proposed places and confirm changes.

Keep in mind that you can improve the Wi-Fi health score of any Wi-Fi on the map not only yours, but also the hotspots added by other users. Bear in mind that other users can edit and heal your hotspots as well. By this way, mutual help takes place, and everyone benefits. ♥️

Tips how to Edit Place:

  1. If the right place isn't listed, try to search the name of this place via the Search bar.

  2. If you are still unable to find the place, tap the "pencil" icon on the Edit Place screen, and then enter manually the correct place name, category, address and location on the map.

🗣 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via Live Support

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