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What can I do with the $WIFI token?
What can I do with the $WIFI token?
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First of all, you are able to access the company's products and services with $WIFI.

For example, the $WIFI token is redeemed to obtain an eSIM data package. You also receive additional bonuses and discounts for redeeming $WIFI.

The $WIFI token is used to reward community members who help the platform grow — people who add hotspots and conduct speed tests.

The token is tradable on centralized and decentralized exchanges making it possible to trade $WIFI with other cryptocurrencies at any time.

Furthermore, $WIFI token holders have the possibility to receive up to 15% cashback within 3 days when redeeming $WIFI tokens for eSIM data packages.

On top of this, all new products that we plan to deliver in the future will be connected to the WiFi Map ecosystem with the help of the $WIFI token.

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