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$WIFI cashback
Updated over a week ago

The $WIFI cashback reward system is designed to give users the opportunity to save money on premium WiFi Map services. When a user purchases an eSIM using $WIFI tokens, they will receive a $WIFI token allocation worth 15% of the eSIM data package within 3 days (3% when purchasing with USD). For instance, if a user wants to redeem a 10GB eSIM data package worth $39.99, they can receive up to $6 worth of $WIFI tokens directly to their in-app wallet.

To redeem $WIFI tokens for an eSIM data package, simply select '$WIFI balance' as the payment method on the Checkout screen.

Overall, the $WIFI cashback is an excellent way for users to receive a significant portion of the value of their eSIM packages in tokens after purchasing mobile data.

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