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Flow is where you will be able to manage all of your assets on Wipster currently in review, and with that there are four different stages we have set up showing the progression of each review asset.

Anything newly uploaded to your account within the last 30 days will land in the New stage, as well as exist in your media library. The asset will move out of the New stage once an action is performed on it (shared, published, etc.) You can also override which state it should belong to by clicking the dropdown on the thumbnail of the asset and selecting where it should belong. Once the 30 days are up, the asset is removed from this and all stages unless it is shared for review again.

Once an asset is shared from the New stage, it will move itself to the Review stage. Here you will see three different states for it: Awaiting Review will show if you shared it out and are waiting for your reviewers to contribute, In Review will show if your asset is actively being reviewed and Finished Review will show once your reviewers all click the Finished Reviewing button letting you know they are ready for their feedback to be looked at. You can manually push any asset to the Approval stage if you know it is ready and you just want to get it moving.

This stage is fully manual and is meant for you and your team members to keep track of where an asset exists in the editing process outside of Wipster. You can select the Edits in Progress state to let your team know the asset is being worked on, or select the Needs Changes state to let your team know if an asset needs to start being worked on.

From the Editing stage, you can also upload a new version using the version upload button. Once you have uploaded your new version, the asset will return to the New Uploads stage, so that you can once more Share for Review, Share for Approval or do any of the other actions available in the New Uploads stage.

The Approval stage is the final landing spot for your asset. There are three states in the Approval stage.

1. Awaiting Approval
This is applied when your asset has been shared for approval and no one has yet approved or not approved it

2. Approved
This is when all reviewers that you asked to approve it have done so.
NB: This function can be overridden manually if a team member changes the status in the dropdown box

3. Not Approved
This is applied if any of your reviewers choose to 'Not Approve' your asset.


Looking for a video walkthrough of it all? Check ours out below!

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