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Marking Comments as Complete (the To-Do List)
Marking Comments as Complete (the To-Do List)

Track your team's activity as they action your reviewers' feedback

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Want to be sure you're acting upon (or at least responding to) your stakeholders' feedback? Make sure you're marking their comments as 'complete.'

It's easy to do, simply click on the check mark in the bottom right-hand corner of a comment window.

Remember, you can view all comments in a single thread via the 'Comments' tab in the side panel. From there, you can sort by Timecode, Oldest, or Most Recent, and filter comments by their completion status to create a 'to-do' list for your team.

Best practice: Have your editors mark comments as complete as they either make the necessary changes or respond to your external reviewers. That way, Project Managers can check progress in real time from the 'Comments' tab in the side panel (as long as they have a seat in your team).

Note: Comment completion status is only visible to authenticated team members.

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