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In Wipster, there are a few different ways to view and review comments that are made on your videos and images. They are:

1. When people make comments on your media, you’ll receive an email containing the content of the comments as well as a screen grab of the frame they were made on. You can click the big green reply button underneath the comments to be taken directly to the frame in question on Wipster.

Note: these emails will only be sent if you have email notifications enabled in your Team Settings

2. Simply go back to the view the video or image. If there have been comments made on the asset, they will be visible here. There are a few different indicators that comments have been made:

  • For video, you will see a colored dot on the time bar below. Or alternatively, as you play through the video you will see a colored dot appear on the video where a comment has been made.

  • For images, you will simply see the colored dots across the image where comments have been made.

With video, to review the comments that have been made on your video you can use the next and previous comment buttons located close to the play button below your video.

3. The 'Comments' tab in the side panel. Each comment made on an asset will be included in the side panel, where you can sort by timecode, when the comment was made, and completion status. You can even search these comments to find particular feedback, or notes from certain key stakeholders.

Export Comments

If you'd like to get an export of comments, open up the 'Download' tab in the side panel. Underneath the 'Comment's header, you'll see options to either download a .csv of all comments made, or print the comments and thumbnails as a .pdf.

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