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What are the different 'share types'?
What are the different 'share types'?

Wipster features three different types of 'shares' to help you get the type of feedback you're looking for.

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When working on a project, you may need different kinds of feedback depending on what stage the project is in and which stakeholders you are sharing the asset with. Wipster features three different types of shares to support your individual workflow.

Share for Review (this is the default option)

The default review option that you are likely most familiar with on Wipster. This option automatically enables the 'Finished Reviewing' button near the top of the screen, allowing stakeholders to let you know when they're done making comments.

If you share a video using Share for Review, your reviewers can then leave helpful feedback that will contribute to the creation of the next version of your project. You'll be able to see all reviewers and whether or not they're done leaving feedback in the 'Reviewers' tab in the side panel of each asset.

Once they're done, they can click the 'Finished Reviewing' button to notify you that they are ready for you to look over their notes. This will then update their status in the side panel.

Share for Approval

This option enables the Approval button in place of 'Finished Reviewing.'

When you think your version is ready for Approval from your stakeholders, you can choose to send out the Share for Approval, and let your reviewers either Approve or Not Approve the asset. This is great when you just need that final "thumbs up!"

They can still make comments on a Share for Approval, but you will need to enable commenting via the toggle when sharing. As with other share types, you'll be able to see who has approved an asset (or not) in the 'Reviewers' tab of the side panel.

Share for Approval is optional – if you're not worried about getting approval or non-approval from your reviewers then you do not need to use this option.

Share Preview

Sometimes you're not looking for feedback, you just need to send an asset as an FYI.

The 'Share Preview' option is ideal for your clients who simply want to view the project as it stands, without all the comments.

Additionally, they won't be prompted to enter their name and email address – they'll be taken straight to the project.

Think of it as a presentation mode if you wanted to show off the asset on Wipster to someone who was not a part of the review process.

Other Important Notes:

  • Share for Review is the default option selected

  • By default, downloads are disabled, but you can enable downloads via the toggle in the share menu

  • You can password protect any shared asset, just be sure to set a secure password and send it separately from the content you are sharing

  • Team members can view assets in the Media Library at their leisure, but they won't see the 'Finished Reviewing' or 'Approval' buttons unless the asset has been shared with them.

  • Sharing an asset for review or approval will automatically place the asset into a workflow stage, which will be updated as stakeholders finish making comments and give their approval to the asset.

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