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What is a Seat?
How do I update the email address associated with my account?
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Sharing FAQ
What are the different 'share types'?
What are the options when sharing an asset from the review tools on Wipster?
How do I share more than one file at once?
What is a shareable link?
Can I share an entire folder?
How can I limit user access to a specific project folder?
Can I view and disable a shareable link?
Can I automatically invite reviewers from a previous version?
Does a shareable link from Version 1 of a video or image roll over to Version 2?
Can I add password protection to my shared media?
Can the original video or image file be downloaded later on?
Can I revoke someone’s access to an asset?
Can I have tighter control over how my team members share media in my account?
What are shared folders?
What happens to existing share links when I archive a folder?
How do I delete a reviewer that has been invited through a private share link?