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My video upload is very slow and I don't know why
My video upload is very slow and I don't know why
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Firstly sorry to hear that. Frustration is the last emotion we want to conjure when using Wipster.

Upload speed can be affected by by many things both at our end or yours.
Please make sure of the following:

  1. You are on a solid broadband connection and if possible plug your computer into your router via ethernet rather than WiFi.

  2. End or pause any activities on your network that might be consuming bandwidth (Netflix, online games, uploads or downloads running at the same time in other tabs etc.)

For video, the length and the file size both play a part in how long it takes to upload and process. A 4GB file will take a lot longer to upload than a 500MB file. A 30 minute video will take longer to encode than a 3 minute clip.

When you add a video or image to Wipster it goes through 2 main stages. You can see what phase the upload is in by looking at the thumbnail you just added. It should say either 'Uploading' or 'Processing'.

1. Uploading - The media file is being uploaded from your desktop or cloud service to our servers. The time this takes will be dependent on your internet connection speed and latency. If you are uploading from your desktop you need to make sure the connection is not interrupted. i.e. your computer is on and browser open the whole time (don't let it go to sleep).

2. Processing - The media file is now on our servers and is being encoded. The service we use for encoding is based on a queuing system and encoding times can vary depending on current traffic and demand. Queue preference is also given to customers with an active subscription.

Another factor that influences the speed during this phase is the format and definition of the file you uploaded. If the file you uploaded is full HD 1080p we will encode 2 different versions for playback (a 1080p version and a 520p version) that the viewer can choose from. If you upload a 540p then we only need to encode one. This obviously will impact the speed.

During this 'processing' phase it is fine for you to close your browser and or computer as the media file is safely on our servers and is being encoded there. It should be there waiting for you when you get back.

For more info on the best format to upload to ensure the best speed see this article:

What’s the best format to upload to Wipster?

If you're still experiencing issues and would like to contact support, please visit this upload speed test page first (the test will start automatically so just wait for it to finish) and include the results with your issue.

Note: When using Apple Safari and Google Chrome the speed of upload can slow down if Wipster isn't in the active focused tab.

Tried the above and you're still having difficulty uploading? Please send an email to and we'll look into it for you.

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