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What is a shareable link?
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You have two delivery method options when sharing media content from Wipster: Sharing via email or via shareable link. Wipster will generate the link for you to manually share with your clients. 

Creating a shareable link allows you to share one or more videos or images with anyone (including people who don't even have a Wipster account) via a unique URL. When someone follows a shareable link, they will be asked to provide their name (and password if you set it on the share) before they can view the asset.

A shared link points to a specific version of one or more videos or images. If you upload a new version, those people who were on the previous version will not be automatically re-invited and will not have access until you share the new version with them.

It is also possible to share videos or images with team and guest members, for example, to ask them for approval.

You can create any number of shared links, all with different settings e.g. disable commenting in one, enable approval in another. This can be especially useful when there are different groups of people involved in a review.

If you share an asset with the same person multiple times, the last share's permissions will supersede the permissions of those earlier shares.

To find out how you create a shareable link see this article: Sharing Media Content.

Note: When you create a sharable link we won't display your email address to anyone who clicks your icon on the right hand side of the review screen.

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