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Real time In-browser / web notifications for new comments
Real time In-browser / web notifications for new comments
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Wipster supports real-time, in-browser web notifications for comments made by anyone on any video or image in your team account.

The first time someone makes a comment on a video or image, you will be prompted to allow notifications for Wipster in your browser. The prompt will look similar to the following:

Simply click "Allow" to enable real-time commenting notification or "Block" if you don't!

The comments will look similar to the following (depending on your browser or if you're using Windows or a Mac):

Clicking on the notification will bring you directly to the video or image on which the comment was made and also skip directly to the comment, so you can reply quickly and easily. Or if you are already on the same one, it will whisk you to the appropriate frame and show you the comment. Too easy..

Real-time notifications will be shown as long as Wipster is open on at least one tab in your browser, even if you're not on actively using Wipster.

Disabling/enabling real-time notifications, at any time, is a slightly different process in different web browsers:

In Google chrome simply click on the "lock" symbol in the URL bar and select the "Site Settings" option. From there you'll be taken to a Chrome options panel where you can adjust notifications settings as well as other options.

In Firefox you will first need to click the "lock" symbol in the URL bar and then hit the 'More info' button in the popup that comes up:

Then, in the next popup, you need to switch to the 'Permissions tab'. From there scroll down till you find the 'Show notifications' section and change them from there.

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