Want to upload a new version of your work to Wipster from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects? Easy.

  1. Open the timeline or composition that you want to upload to Wipster.

  2. In the Wipster Review Panel, navigate to the video you'd like to upload a new version of (try using the search if you're lost). 

  3. Once you've located the right video, select the 'New version' button in the bottom of the panel. 

  4. Choose your render quality. There are 4 options to choose from. The first 3 are based on the levels of encoding that Wipster can play the video at (540p, 720p and 1080p).The last 'Custom' allows you to preset a custom setting of your own. The last 'Custom' option allows you to preset a custom setting of your own. You can find out more about how to create your own custom upload setting in After Effects setting here, and in Premiere Pro here

  5. In Premiere if you have set in/out points on your timeline, you can choose to obey these in your upload by checking the 'Obey in/out points' box. However, please note that changing these at a later date can potentially have an impact on where the comments sync to on the time code

  6. From here you can either hit 'Start upload' to begin right away or check the 'Share video after upload' option to automatically share the new version once uploading is complete. Simply follow the directions in this article to share your edit. 

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