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This guide will consist of supplemental information specific to Team Members with "Admin" level access.

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Are you an admin or owner of a team within Wipster? Here's an in-depth guide to all of the options available to you. For users on our Multiteam or Enterprise plans, please connect with your assigned customer success manager for any assistance.

Team Settings

As an admin, you have the ability to alter settings on behalf of your entire Team, rather than just your own profile. To open your Team settings, simply click on your initial in the upper right corner of your screen, then find 'Team Settings' in the dropdown menu. You'll find the following tabs available:


Not exclusive to Admins, this is where every user can go to change their name, email address, profile picture, commenting color, and password.


This tab contains most of the things you'll need to manage your self service Wipster license. The sections of this page are listed below.

Note: If you are on a managed account, please reach out to your main point of contact at Wipster for any assistance.

Team Name

By default, your team will be named "[Team Owner]'s Team," but that's easy to change!

Simply click on the edit icon and enter any name you'd like. This name will appear on all outbound share links and emails sent to your stakeholders from Wipster, as well as invitations to new team members.

Team Logo

This will show up alongside your Team Name in any and all communications sent out via Wipster from your team, so make sure your branding is correct!

First, you'll want to make sure you select an appropriate logo. We support (and encourage) transparent PNGs, but remember that Wipster has a pretty dark background, so your logo will come up much better if it's white or at least a brighter color. If it's not, consider putting it on it's own background for better visibility.

Once you've got a logo you're happy with, simply hover over the upload button, crop the image to your liking, and you're good to go!

Want more branding options? Let us know! Send any feature requests to

Team Subscription

This section will show a breakdown of your current subscription. Your storage capacity, seat count, any credits on your account, and your next billing date. Note that all prices listed are in US Dollars.

Payment Options

From here, you can switch between monthly and annual billing options as well as update your credit card information.


Any past invoices can be downloaded as .pdf files here. Note that these invoices are automatically filled in based on the information the owner of the account has given us. If you need any different information on these, such as a different billing email or address, please reach out to us at for assistance.

Team Members

The main portion of this page, from here you can manage all of your team members. Note that each Team Member needs a paid seat, which directly affects your subscription price. For more information on this, please see our article on the subject.

Admins can invite, remove, and toggle the activity of other team members. They can even change the type of seat a team member occupies (admin, full, guest). Note that both removing and deactivating a team member will free up a seat, but removing them will delete their information from the Team. Activating or adding a new team member will immediately incur a charge, which will come from your account balance first before the system charges your credit card on file.


Currently under construction.

This section will house all of Wipster's existing third party integrations and the options to enable and set your preferences for each. Please note that once our platform is out of the beta period, this integrations page will be changing. We'll have more information on that soon!


Toggle your instant and hourly notifications on or off, as well as enable browser notifications.


Check your current storage usage as well as recent activity. Our product team is working on additional storage management options, coming soon!

Additional Admin Privileges

As an admin, you also have the ability to permanently delete files in your trash folder as well as restore assets from both the trash and archive. Only admins can do this, so it's important to remember this ability if your team is ever working to clean up storage usage.

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