What is a Seat?

A Seat represents a Wipster user with login credentials and access to your Team.

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What does a Seat allow me to do?

Each ‘seat’ is a member of your Wipster Team who can log into our system and view your Media Library. A seat will allow a user to upload new assets and share them out to reviewers. Team members can also leave ‘Team Only’ comments, in case you have clients who don’t need to know how the sausage gets made. It is necessary to have a seat in order to utilize any of our integrations, such as the Wipster Review Panel within Adobe Premiere, or to use our handy Version Comparison tool.

You do not need a seat to view, review, or approve an asset, you simply need to have the asset sent to you via email or URL.

Who needs a Seat?

Seats are most often needed by editors, who need the ability to view all of the works in progress in their Media Library and upload any new projects or versions. They’re also useful for anyone in a customer facing role who will need the ability to share assets with your clients.

Administrators will need access to the platform to adjust your Team Settings and allocate seats to the rest of the team.

Seats are also nice to have for your key stakeholders, such as your Creative Directors or Project Managers, so they can log in and view the Team’s work at a glance.

You also may consider adding seats for a key client so they can view a special folder set up for them, or for Freelancers who provide you with a limited scope of work but need an easy way to collaborate with the rest of your team. You can limit these users privileges so that they only see assets in their assigned folder.

What are the different Seat types?

There are three seat types, each with different privileges. All seats weigh equally toward the final seat count, which is what our pricing is based on.

Full: This is the most common seat type. Anyone with a full seat to a team can view, upload, and share within the entire Media Library.

Admin: All the privileges of a Full seat, but with the ability to change key Team settings and add/remove other members of the Team. Admins are also the only users who can delete content from Wipster.

Limited: Perfect for external stakeholders or freelancers. Users with Limited seats are only able to view their assigned folders within the Team's Media Library, but have full upload and share privileges within those folders.

For Multiteam and Enterprise customers: Note that users may hold different seat types across your various Teams - for example, a project lead may be an Admin for the team they own, but only hold a Limited seat within another team outside their scope. Each unique user counts as one seat, whether they are a member of a single team, or all of your organization's teams.

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