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How to Manage Storage in Wipster
How to Manage Storage in Wipster

Turn on storage saver or use bulk clean-up

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As you become an experienced and regular user of Wipster, you might find that storage space in your account might start to run low. Rather than deleting entire projects, you can turn on “Storage Saver.”  

Storage Saver will delete the original video uploads, but keep compressed encoded versions that you can still use to reference or compare versions.  

How does Storage Saver work? 

Storage Saver downsizes the space of stacked video versions as your projects grow. Each stacked version you have on a video currently requires a complete upload of the original video file. Wipster then creates two encodes on top of that; 540p and 1080p/720p. When a new version is stacked on top of an old one, Storage Saver will remove that original upload on the old version but keep the two encoded compressed versions. This will ultimately cut down on your overall storage going forward, making it easier for you to create more content and not worry about going over your storage limit nearly as quickly.

Tip: Also, just as a side note, the video encodes (compressed files) are never counted in your storage amount.

Here is a tutorial on how to turn on Storage Saver in your Wipster account: 

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