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What items are prohibited on my wishlist?
What items are prohibited on my wishlist?

Prohibited and allowed gift items

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To successfully use WishTender without getting your account terminated by our payment processor, please take note of current wishlist item guidelines.


Items that are neither gifts nor tips:

  • Selling any services or goods on your wishlist is prohibited.

  • Gift item names or descriptions that promise a good or service in exchange for the gift are prohibited.

  • Wishlist item names that don't make sense in a sentence about gifting or tipping are prohibited.

    Items should fit in a sentence about gifting or tipping such as:

    "Sam bought a ____ for Dash."

    Good Item Names

    • Rent:
      Sam paid for Dash's rent. ✅

    • Funds for self care:
      Sam funded Dash's self care. ✅

    • Nike:
      Sam bought Nikes for Dash. ✅

    • Treat me to a spa day because I deserve it:

      Sam treated Dash to a spa day because she deserved it. ✅

    • $300 tip:
      Sam tipped Dash $300. ✅

    • Initial tip:
      Sam tipped Dash an initial tip. ✅

    Bad Item Names

    • Worship:
      Sam paid for Dash's worship. ❌ unclear how this is a gift

    • Debt Contract:
      Sam bought a debt contract for Dash. ❌ unclear how this is a gift

    • 💦💦💦:
      Sam funded 💦💦💦 it for Dash. ❌ unclear how this is a gift

    • Fee or Tax:

      This implies a service exchange. Listing "tip" is fine!

Demeaning words

Demeaning words like "loser" are not allowed in gift titles.

Adult words

Adult words like "cuck" are not allowed in gift titles. Please keep wishlist names vanilla.

References to outside payment methods

Do not include outside payment methods in wishlist items such as Amazon wishlist link, bitcoin QR code, or cashapp handle. There may be appropriate places on WishTender to link to these in the future, but the wishlist item names and profile section are not to be used in this way.

Nudity Or Implied Nudity:

  • Gifts, or profile images, that have nudity or implied nudity in the image are prohibited.

    Implied nudity means a naked person without nipples or genitalia exposed in the photograph. For example, a naked person whose genitals are covered by pixels or emojis is not allowed.

    Wearing lingerie, a robe, or a towel is allowed.

    No bodily fluids should be visible.

Graphic Items

Items that depict graphic, lewd nudity.

Prohibited Items and Words:

  • Weed/drug related funds

  • Weapons

    Can I list "Cosplay funds" or "Funds for military antiques collection"? Yes.

  • Items with the word “tax”, “fee”, "session", "deposit", "game", "unblock"

    Why not? These imply a service might be exchanged. In certain contexts these words are ok, like "video games"

  • Alcohol

    You can list "drinks" or "cocktail" or "buy a round"

  • Nicotine

    Can I list "smokes"? Yes.

  • Life Like Sex Toys

    Non life-like sex toys can be listed

  • Item titles with graphic words are not allowed

WishTender Cares

Our goal at WishTender is to empower all users to use our platform confidently. Follow these rules to keep your account active.

Our priority is to serve our community. Let us know if you feel any of these rules are not ideal so we can understand how to improve WishTender.

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