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What items are prohibited on my wishlist?
Do wishers see the name/payment information of the gifters?
Manual Payouts
Stripe is closing my account down
I can't link my Twitter account on mobile: "The account being added is already logged in."
Is there a minimum payout?
I changed my phone number and I can't get the verification code from Stripe
How can I change my display currency?
What images are prohibited from my wishlist?
What will my purchase say on my credit card statement?
My order was blocked
Stripe says they sent me a text code but they never asked for my number
How do I use the livestream plugin?
How do I add a gift?
My payment failed but I see the payment on my bank statements.
How do I contact Stripe?
How do I set up my account to receive payments?
What size is the profile picture?
What size is the cover banner?
I didn't get my verification code sent to my phone from Stripe
How do I withdraw funds?
How do I enable auto tweets?
How is WishTender different than Amazon wishlists?
How do gifts that I purchased show up on my credit card bill?
What of my information is visible?
Does WishTender protect against chargebacks?
Do you allow refunds?
What fees do you charge?
Is WishTender adult creator friendly?
How can I trust WishTender?
How long does it take to get my gift funds?
How do you make money if it’s 100% payout?
How much of the money for the gift do I get?
Will you add more countries?
In what countries does WishTender work?
What gifts are prohibited from my wishlist?
WishTender is awesome. How can I support the project?
How does WishTender Work?
Changing Your Bank Account/Payout Details
Taxes for Wishers
How To Contact Stripe From Your Wishlist
Can I use PayPal?
What settlement currencies can I use in my country?
Subscription Feature - Recurring Gifts
Why is my account frozen?
Enabling Surprise Gifts
Tips For Creators
Creating a Gifter Account
Multiple WishTender Accounts
Does WishTender age verify?
I don't see Cash App Pay
Cancel a Subscription
This is a customer service chat, NOT a messaging portal to reach your Wisher.
How can I delete a wish?