Forums: The Due date is located under the Availability settings, which populates the Moodle calendar. This setting is not accessible through the process described below.

~ If you update any forum’s From and To dates using this process, remember to go to each Forum activity and edit the Due date (under Availability) so it matches the To date.

If you have a large number of different items in your course (e.g., assignment, book, file, forum, label, quiz, URL), it will take time for the Dates page to load (could be up to 10 minutes or more).

~ You will need to be patient.

~ When editing any due dates, start with a few items to edit at a time to make sure your changes are saved.

Navigate to your Moodle course.

From the right side of your course home page, click the Actions menu (1) and then click More… (2).

Navigate to Reports and click Dates.

If applicable, you may need to click the Reports tab and then click Dates.

If desired, you can filter by activity type or you can leave the Activity type set to All activities.

On the right side of the page, click Expand all.

Once the list of items populates, you will see the Course start date and Course end date at the top.

~ A best practice is to disable the Course end date. If the Course end date has expired and this setting is enabled, the course short name will no longer appear in the left Navigation panel under My courses from the Moodle home page.

Assignments: Make any needed changes to your assignment date settings.

Quizzes: Make any needed changes to your quiz date settings.

Forums: Make any needed changes to your forum date settings. Also, remember to edit the Due date (under Availability) so it matches the To date.

Please note: If you enable the forum Cut-off date, the system does not allow you to give an extension like you can for assignments and quizzes. If a student is unable to complete a forum due to extenuating circumstances, you may choose to exclude the forum assignment or provide the student with an alternative assignment.

Click Save changes at the top or bottom of the page.

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