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Teacher Articles

This collection contains articles for eAcademy and eAcademyPLUS teachers

TEACHER-Copying a Schoology semester course to another semester course
TEACHER-Grading assignments using the document viewer in Schoology
TEACHER-Adding the YouTube App to your Schoology Resources
TEACHER-Understanding the document viewer in Schoology
TEACHER-Exporting the gradebook from your Schoology course
TEACHER-Copying Schoology materials within your course or to another course
TEACHER-Excusing assessments, assignments, or discussions in Schoology
TEACHER-Creating grading groups in Schoology
TEACHER-Editing graded material settings in Schoology-Bulk Edit
TEACHER-Renaming or deleting a topic folder in Schoology
TEACHER-Creating grading categories for the Schoology gradebook
TEACHER-Adjusting migrated assignments, discussions, and assessments in Schoology
TEACHER-Unpublishing (hiding) items in Schoology
TEACHER-Making adjustments to Schoology courses
TEACHER-Logging into Schoology from Genius
TEACHER-Schoology home page for teachers
TEACHER-Navigating Schoology
TEACHER-Adding a video to a Schoology Page using the YouTube App
TEACHER-Adding an H5P activity from the WIU H5P WordPress site to a Schoology course
TEACHER-Creating a Google Drive Assignment in Schoology
TEACHER-Adding an audio recording to a Schoology Page
TEACHER-Adding an image to a Schoology Page
TEACHER-Adding Google Slides to a Schoology Page
TEACHER-Adding your own video recording to a Schoology Page
TEACHER-Creating a Collection in Schoology Resources
TEACHER-Converting a test/quiz into an assessment in your Schoology course
TEACHER-Creating Assignments in Schoology
TEACHER-Creating an Annotations Assignment in Schoology
TEACHER-Examples of Schoology question types
TEACHER-Creating Assessments in Schoology
TEACHER-Creating Discussions in Schoology
TEACHER-Adding student feedback for graded items in Schoology
TEACHER-Using the Accessibility Checker in Schoology